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Drum Making Workshop

with Donna Callaghan & Patty McWilliams
at The Gathering Lighthouse in Lombard, IL

            Deer Hide Drum:    15” $175     18” $190

            Elk Hide Drum:      15” $180    18” $195
            Moose Hide Drum:   15” $185    18” $200

            Buffalo Hide Drum:  15” $190    18” $205
     (buffalo hide is not always available, check availability at time of registration)

$100 non-refundable deposit is required

This workshop has an 8 person minimum and max of 15, sign up and reserve your drum today!

   The Drum is an important instrument cross culturally, giving both rhythm and meaning to life.   It provides the beat for dancers to proudly offer their thanks and praise to the Creator during ceremonies.   It is a way of carrying songs and prayers to the Creator and healing the sick. The tradition of the drum is important today and is a way of bringing communities together.


    From the earliest times, honoring animals for the giving of their lives to feed and clothe the People is to utilize the entire animal.   In the making of hide drums we honor the animals and invite their 'medicine' or spirit to walk with the drum to guide us in remembering 'we are all related' and help us walk in a good way upon our Mother.     

To reserve your drum and for more information contact:

Donna at (708) 754-5555,
or visit


Margie at (630) 415-5842,
or visit

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