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Energetic Blessings Class


How to keep You and Your Homes’ Energy Happy and Healthy!


with Donna Callaghan


 Monday, October 23rd


6:30 to 9pm


$35 (includes a house blessings kit, $12 value)

Class special ~ all smudging supplies will be 15% off


     Join us for this fun and informative class about how to mindfully care for your personal energy, allowing it to be strong, open and bright, from this state of personal power and grace, cleanse and bless the energy of your home, office, car or any personal space.


    Cleansing a space is the process of removing, transforming what does not serve your soul and then filling the space with a heartfelt intention that feeds your dreams and day to day life. When we care well for our energy and for our spaces, it is so much easier to create and walk our soul’s path.


    We will be explore a variety of methods to cleanse and enhance your own energy, then learn how to clear the energy in your spaces and set intentions/blessings to keep the energy flowing. Including (just to name a few) breathing exercises, meditation, ceremonies utilizing the smoke from burning sage, smudge mix, palo santo and other amazing herbs, essential oils and/or holy water.


For more information and to register,
contact Donna at (708) 754-5555 or 

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