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Essential Oils 104


with Juli Walker, LMT, CHt

Monday, October 22nd

7 too 8:30 pm

This workshop is being held at the office of Donna Callaghan in Chicago Heights

*Pay at registration

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Lavender cupcakes.jpg

with Juli Walker, LMT, CHt
at the Office of Donna Callaghan in Chicago Heights, IL


   See what I did there? Thyme/Time..... Anyway, we know essential oils are great for our mental, emotional, and physical health. We know we can diffuse them into the air or apply them to our skin. Did you know we can cook with them, too? It can be as simple as adding them to a dip or as complex as using them in meals and desserts.

  Have you ever started to make guacamole and realized you didn’t have any cilantro? No problem, you’ve got it in your oil supply. (it also supports your immune and nervous systems) How about creating an awesome pasta sauce and you’re out of oregano? There it is in your oil box! (It contains powerful antioxidants and supports the respiratory system.)

  Join us as we try some tasty foods made with these beautiful oils. We’ll even be whipping up a few quick and simple appetizers to taste. All the oils used in the food are on the GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe, list and are certified pure therapeutic grade oils.   


  Juli is a self confessed oil nerd.  Her mission is to help people live healthier lives by eliminating toxins from their daily life and in turn, reducing the toxins going into our environment. 

In November join us for
Essential Oils 105: Ahhhchooose to be Healthy!
to help us ward off colds and flu.

For more information and to register:

contact Donna at 708-754-5555 or

Paypal and Chase QuickPay links are available

on the website to register with your deposit.

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