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Essential Oils 103
Oils are not just for Hippies!

Coming Soon 

with Juli Walker

This workshop is being held at the office of Donna Callaghan in Chicago Heights

*Register today with a $30 deposit

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   When you hear the words "essential oils", what comes to mind?
The aroma of Patchouli in a head shop? Flower crowned youth smelling of Sandalwood and Lavender frolicking in the local park?

Essential Oils are so much more!

   From health and emotional support to cleaning and purifying your home, oils are amazing editions to your daily routine which are all natural and free of toxins!

   Join Juli to learn the numerous uses and benefits of these awesome beauties.  All who attend will make an essential oil blend of your choice to take home in a rollerball bottle. 

   Juli is a a self confessed oil nerd.  Her mission is to help people live healthier lives by eliminating toxins from their daily life and in turn, reducing the toxins going into our environment.  This is the third in Juli’s series on essential oils, wait till you see what she has for us this fall! 


For more information and to register:

contact Donna at 708-754-5555 or

Paypal and Chase QuickPay links are available

on the website to register with your deposit.

*deposits are refundable up to 7 days prior to the event

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