Introduction to Shamanism I:
  Learn to Journey Workshop


Shamanic Journeying is wakeful dreaming,
the beat of the drum carries us into 
non-ordinary reality to unlock sacred knowledge deep in our soul.


2 Part Workshop

Investment: $70  

For more information contact Donna Callaghan

  Throughout time, Shamanism, has been a way of life, combining earthly traditions and spiritual practices, teaching us to walk in both worlds and the importance of community. Shamanic Journeying is a way to access information and healing for ourselves and others.  It also awakens a knowledge from deep within, supporting us in "remembering" the Journey of Our Soul. 

 Shamanic journeying is the process of moving into an altered state of consciousness, ‘non-ordinary reality’, to receive Divine guidance, access information, experience healing on many levels, deepen our connection to Spirit as well as facilitate healing experiences for others.  By bringing the teachings of shamanism into our daily lives we can more fully experience our own Divinity, our innate connection to the web of life and dream a new dream for ourselves and the world.

 During this workshop, you will learn the basic skills of Shamanic Journeying: how to create a sacred circle, meet and journey with your power animal to the lower, middle and upper world, and an overview of Shamanism as a spiritual practice.  

 Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket, bandanna, notebook, pen and drum and/or rattle (if you do not have one, there will be ones here available to use).