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 Shamanic Studies Program

Exploring the Teachings and Healing Arts of Shamanism
with Donna M. Callaghan, D.Div.
Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher


 Individuals begin this program for many reasons, a way to explore their own personal healing, strengthen their spiritual connection, to awaken their innate healing abilities, a desire to be in community as well as those who go on to become Shamanic Practitioners.  Whatever draws you to this path, it will bring healing to immeasurable levels of your being and support the Journey of your Soul.

 Journey of the Soul is dedicated to bringing shamanic spiritual practices and healing modalities into the 21st Century, encompassing teachings from the basics of journeying to advanced shamanic healing techniques.

 Throughout time, Shamanism has been a way of life which teaches us to walk in both worlds, combining earthly traditions and spiritual practices.  Shamanic Journeying is a way to access information and healing for ourselves and others as well as for the betterment of the Earth and Her people.  It expands our knowledge and opens a Sacred Space within which invites Spirit to teach us and help us "remember" the Journey of Our Soul. 

 Journey of the Soul Shamanic Studies Program encompasses Shamanism as a spiritual practice as well as an in-depth study of Shamanic techniques and healing modalities.  Each of the courses builds upon the other to create a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Donna's teaching style is a combination of lecture, practice journeys to experientially utilize the techniques presented with fellow students as well as incorporating ceremony throughout the program.  Students are also asked to practice these techniques at home with willing friends and family to strengthen their skills, creating an opportunity to discuss their experiences during the next class. This hands-on teaching method creates an opportunity for students to understand and appreciate these teachings on a multitude of levels.   

  There are also Post Certificate opportunities available, Teacher Training to learn how to teach others to journey, an Internship Program, and Clearing the Path Training just to name a few for graduates wanting to delve deeper into the Shamanic arts and further their skills as a Shamanic Practitioner.  Certificates of completion are awarded for the 8 class program and the Internship.

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