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For exactly the last 40 of my 52 years, I was lost and scared.  I allowed negative belief patterns that I held about myself define and confound me. Anxiety kept me from truly enjoying life.   The Breaking Free Workshop showed me the root of the lies that gave birth to that constant worry and presented me with the tools to dispel them. The freedom and peace that this knowledge has brought me is a priceless gift that I will repay to the Universe every day for the rest of my life. I am so grateful I did this workshop. I am grateful for the 40 years of lessons.  I am grateful for Donna's insight, wisdom, and patience. She is the best teacher!  I am so grateful.  Life changed.  Melissa D.


BREAKING FREE is a life-changing experience that I recommend to anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their life. Whether you desire help or solutions to a current challenge, increased happiness, greater meaning or purpose to your life, self-fulfillment or empowerment, or continued soul growth, Donna's masterful skills as a teacher and a guide will compassionately support you in this process. She will help you uncover the beliefs that underlie your limitations to living your life as you choose by breaking free of their support. With her blend of spiritual and psychological abilities, Donna will encourage healthy boundaries, listening to the wisdom of your heart and emotions vs your judging thoughts, making time for yourself, playing more.......and so much more. Taking this workshop was a gift to myself, as it was for the three amazing women who shared this journey with me. Thank you, Donna, from us all!  Penny W.

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