In light of the Sacred Pause Covid-19 has created in our World, I am facilitating sessions, both coaching and shamanic, only via phone and video until further notice.

  My team and I have created online events via Zoom, encouraging community experiences as we all walk through this together, helping us to remembering our true nature is Oneness.  Let me know what you are interested in learning, experiencing, or are curious to see me present.

  As I sit with this Sacred Pause, what comes to me is an understanding that this challenging time in our World is asking us to:

  • Pause

  • Breathe

  • Let Go

  • Release and heal what keeps us in fear

  • Trust

  • Love

  • Keep our internal Light/Divinity Bright

  • Connect more deeply to the knowledge in our Souls

  • Feel the Earth healing during this Sacred Pause

  • Intrinsically remember we are all interconnected

  • Take part in this Spiritual alignment

  All of this holding hope for us to reconnect with all our World, human, and nature alike, renewed and having a more profound understanding of our interconnectedness.

If there is any way I can be of assistance during this time, please reach out.  

 May you and your loved ones be well and supported by the peace and kindness naturally within us all. 

With much Love and many blessings,

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