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Clearing the Path

Clearing the Path

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 Throughout history, our quest as humans has been to live fully as Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Many lifetimes ago, we lived in communion with the Earth, in union with The Creator, our Spirit Helpers, and our Community. Ceremonies were created and handed down to ensure and celebrate our connection to the Universal Knowledge/The Divine/Spiritual Truths.

 In today’s society, we are distracted much of the time by our surroundings which beckons us to look outside of ourselves for answers. We have forgotten how to allow our innate ability to connect with our own Divinity, The Creator, the cycles of life, and how to live in the moment.

 I am honored as a series of these ancient ceremonies has been shown to me, to share with others. It encompasses the re-introduction and integration of Universal Knowledge. Named Clearing the Path, is approximately a 7 session process that bypasses the mind, to work with the soul, the spirit body, and the physical body. It cleanses our minds, our souls, our bodies, our DNA, restoring the natural balance within our beings, clearing what holds us back from knowing and remembering. This process brings clarity of mind, awakens our true purpose, deepens our connection to our soul’s journey as well as gathers all the support needed to more fully walk our path.

 The Clearing the Path process combines sound, shamanic ceremony and techniques, relaxing treatments, and the Light of the Universe to cleanse what keeps us from remembering wholeness.  This gentle and effective process, realigns us spiritually, physically, and emotionally, melding our connection to 'Heaven and Earth' deep within our being.  Clearing the Path, developed by Donna Callaghan, truly helps to strengthen our innate ability to connect with our own Divinity, The Creator, the cycles of life, and live more fully in the moment.  

Session are can be scheduled every week or every other week depending on your schedule. 

Call today to begin this incredible experience.

Clearing the Path

Testimonials from people who have gone through the Clearing the Path Process

  'My life has only become clearer and more integrated.'

'The blinders were gone and it has been easier to make the right decision for my life.  Now all I have to do is follow the lead.'

'As newly gained wisdom goes, the questions raised seem more valuable than the answers.  It appears as though I had the answers all along.'

'It is so wonderful to connect my brain and heart.'

'As someone who has processed, analyzed, delved, searched and worked on feelings and my psyche for nearly three decades, a unique experience to remain relatively passive during the process of returning to all good things about me!'

'The experience was enlightening and lightening'

“I wasn't quite certain what I would be experiencing while the Clearing Path "work" was going on. So often, we are told that there is a period of "adjustment" after healing work is done for us and I was not looking forward to more "healing crises" in my life! Yet, my experience has been only one of becoming free. The sense of flowing and light that has taken place of the struggles and suffering that we are used to as humans is amazing! My life has only become clearer and more integrated! I know that whatever "baggage" I let go of is truly gone! I feel like I'm "lighter", literally and full of Light at every moment. It's truly amazing! My life is one big YES, now!”   

For more information, contact Donna at or (708) 754-5555

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