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 Shamanic Studies Program

Exploring the Teachings and Healing Arts of Shamanism
with Donna M. Callaghan, D.Div.
Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher

Journey of the Soul

Shamanic Studies Program

Exploring the Teachings & Healing Arts of Shamanism 

with Donna M. Callaghan, D.Div. Program Founder
Personal Growth Coach, Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Teacher/Practitioner, Workshop Presenter
(708) 754-5555 (landline)


I currently have two programs in process.
The original program and the other for Personal Growth Practitioners
 (therapists, coaches, and shamanic practitioners)



   Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices, dating back over 40,000 years.  Shamanism is the understanding that we are all related, everyone, every creature, everything making up our physical and energetic world.


   As humans evolved, we moved away from our connection with nature and the natural rhythms of life, creating an illusion of ‘separateness’.  This illusion is one of our greatest pains as humans.  It beckons us to look outside of ourselves for answers and fill the emptiness with people, addictions, resentments, etc., resulting in an imbalance that affects how we see and interact with ourselves and others and how we create our world. 

   Traditionally, Shamans, Medicine Women/Men, used healing ceremonies to remove and transform the imbalance, to restore harmony to the person and to the world, as we are all one.  Today, we have many of these healing ceremonies available to us as well as powerful new modalities to bring Shamanic Healing into the 21st century.


   When I was introduced to Shamanism in the early 90s, it brought understanding to a lifetime of experiences.  Shamanism is a phenomenal spiritual practice and a great blessing in my life, both personally and professionally.  During my many years as a Shamanic Practitioner and 23 years as a Shamanic Teacher, I have had the honor of witnessing healing for countless individuals and watched people’s lives awaken to new levels of consciousness, many times greater than they ever thought possible.  I believe that Shamanic Practitioners offer services that work on limitless levels of our being and can access information and healing, which is continually changing our world for the better of all.


    In 2000, during a Bear Medicine retreat in Montana, deep within a cave on the continental divide, my power animal, Grandmother Bear came to me.  She exchanged hearts with me and told me I was to create a program to teach others the power of Shamanic Healing and walking this spiritual path.  22 years later, I am honored and grateful for this path and the many blessings which have come from it.    

   For this upcoming program, I have made some changes to include more class time, at-home practice, and the addition of hybrid courses, where we will have students in-person and via zoom.  There is a large screen television in the classroom, and everything is set up to provide students optimal experiences and to feel a part of the courses no matter where they are.

   Shamanism, to me, is a way of life, a spiritual practice, and a ‘remembering’ that expands our world.  It asks us to recognize how precious our life and light are, how we are part of a whole that is greater than we will ever truly understand, and that who we become changes the world.  As Oneness is our true nature.

  When we can appreciate that each word we speak, each step we take, is a prayer.  No matter what the intention or meaning behind the work or action, it is a prayer that goes out into our world, and is felt energetically by all beings, and the practice of Shamanism asks us to be present, conscious, aware, and live (at one with all that is) in a good way.

   We all can do that without going through a Shamanic Studies Program.  What this program offers is a way to understand the deep meanings which have developed over the centuries.  This program is partly about passing on healing modalities, it is also a way to expand your connection with the whole, our natural world, and the universes all around us, supporting us in walking in balance in both worlds, this reality, and the Spirit world.  

This program is now Hybrid. 
You can now study with Donna from ANYWHERE!

Join us In-Person at Donna's office in Chicago Heights, IL or Via Zoom.

  Individuals begin this program for many reasons, to explore their own personal healing, to strengthen their spiritual connection, to awaken their innate healing abilities, a desire to be in a community, or to go on to become Shamanic Practitioners.  Whatever draws you to this path, it will bring healing to immeasurable levels of your being and support the Journey of your Soul.

  This Shamanic Studies Program is dedicated to bringing shamanic spiritual practices and healing modalities into the 21st Century, encompassing teachings from the basics of journeying to advanced shamanic healing techniques.

  Throughout time, Shamanism has been a way of life that teaches us to walk in both worlds, combining earthly traditions and spiritual practices.  Shamanic Journeying is a way to access information and healing for ourselves and others as well as for the betterment of the Earth and Her people.  It expands our knowledge and opens a Sacred Space within, inviting Spirit to teach us and help us "remember" the Journey of Our Soul. 

​  Journey of the Soul’s Program embraces Shamanism as a spiritual practice and provides an in-depth study of Shamanic techniques and healing modalities.  Each course builds upon the prior courses creating a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Donna's teaching style is a combination of lecture, and class participation to utilize techniques presented with fellow students, as well as incorporating ceremony throughout the program.  Students are also asked to practice the techniques at home with willing friends and family to strengthen their skills, creating an opportunity to discuss their experiences during the next class. 

This hands-on teaching method creates an opportunity for students to understand and appreciate these teachings on many levels.  Each student completing all the courses in the program receives a certificate of completion. 

The first part of the program is designed to teach the basic components of Shamanism, which include:  Plant & Animal Medicine, working with Spirits of Nature, Medicine for the Earth, the Power of Ceremony, and the basics of energetic self-care when working with others.  This lays the foundation needed to walk into the second part of the program, which is learning Shamanic healing techniques:  Extraction, Spirit of Trauma (healing generational trauma), Soul Retrieval and Death and Dying (demystifying death, learning how to help lost souls cross, working with those physically ready to cross over, and depossession training).

Our final weekend, Walking in Both Worlds is the culmination of living each day connected to Divinity, walking in beauty, being present in our relationship to all things, and incorporating this sacred knowledge into our daily lives.  We will be working with song, silence, community, and nature to illuminate students’ next steps on their path as we bring the program to a close.  (See attached sheet for details on dates and pricing.)

The commitment each student will make will be to; attend each class, practice the techniques learned between classes, submit a short summary of your practice sessions to Donna before the next class, journey once a week, and build energetic self-care into your life.

Post Certificate opportunities include:

  • Internship, a mentoring opportunity to build skills in working with clients

  • Teacher Training to learn how to teach Journey of the Soul Courses:
          Introduction to Shamanism I:
               Meet Your Power Animal and Learn to Journey Workshop
         Power Animal Retrieval Workshop
          Introduction to Shamanism II: Walking into the Sacred Circle
          Power of Ceremony Workshop Series

  • Advanced Courses:
            House and Land Blessing and Clearing Class
             Skull Medicine Class
             Clearing the Path Process        

Certificates of completion are awarded for:

          Completion of the Shamanic Studies Program
         Internship Program
         Teacher Training
         and other advanced courses.

The prerequisites to joining the program are a working knowledge of Shamanic journeying to the 3 Shamanic words with your power animal or having attended an Introduction to Shamanism I Course, and Introduction to Shamanism II.

Click HERE for details regarding dates and pricing. 

For more information, contact Donna at,
call (708) 754-5555, or text (815) 685-7120.

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