Shamanic Internship Program
for Journey of the Soul Graduates


  This internship program is designed to support graduates in becoming Shamanic Practitioners.  Interns work with a total of 10 people throughout this program.  Taking them through 7 to 8 sessions which include, 2 extractions, soul retrieval, spirit of trauma, deposession and soul regeneration.  During this time, they meet with me twice a month to discuss the work they are providing as well as receive shamanic sessions themselves to assist them in process.  

 I have found this to be a rewarding and beneficial process for those wanting to bring this healing work to others.  Their confidence in their skills, themselves as a hollow bone and the work itself grounds into a deep level within.  

Teacher Training

Learn to Teach
Introduction to Shamanism I:
Learn to Journey Workshop

Cost:   (as a refresher course $99)


  This class teaches graduates how to:

  • create and hold sacred space as a teacher
  • utilize tools to track and assist students in the journey process



  • step by step instructional booklet which includes a full outline

  • advertising material

 This class is open to graduates of the Journey of the Soul Shamanic Studies Program.  Anyone else interested is welcome to contact Donna for more information.