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Medicine for the Earth 

& Oneness Workshop

with Donna Callaghan, Div. D.
Founder, Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

How to Transform
Personal & Environmental Toxins
and Embody Oneness as our True Nature


  Now is a time where we need to understand, more than ever before, how we live, how we love, and what we think/believe is creating and affecting our world.  How we perceive and interact with humanity and nature mirrors our inner world, even the parts of our world which cause us to struggle.


  Humanity has been out of balance with the natural world and our true nature for some time.  Our World, Our Souls, calls for Peace, Harmony, and Balance.  Humankind has lived life doing, judging, using, and building in the name of progress much of the time without regard for the Earth and Humanity.  As a result, we have created environmental toxins that are threatening the Earth.  We have also moved away from our innate connection with the natural cycles and rhythms of life, creating personal toxins (emotional, physical, mental pains, and illnesses) that feed our illusion of separateness from Spirit and limit our ability to create. 

Together, we can dream a New Dream for Our World by learning how to Transform our Personal and Environmental Toxins.


   This course is an expanded version of Medicine for the Earth, delving deeper into its powerful concepts and practices, as well as incorporating how to access and live from our innate truth of Oneness.  

Let us come together and remember our connection with nature, remember the teachings innately in our Soul, and BECOME the change in our World.


Medicine for the Earth, in essence, is a recipe for Miracles.
Let us come together to take part in and trust in them!

For more information and to register 

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