This course is open to everyone wanting to experience this transformational work created by Sandra Ingerman.  

  This is also the start of the newest Shamanic Studies Program.   

If you would like to join the program,
beginning here with Medicine for the Earth is the perfect place to start.  

Medicine for the Earth
How to Transform Personal & Environmental Toxins

with Donna Callaghan, Div. D.
Founder, Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher




"The Earth is calling for Peace and Miracles"

Next dates to be announced soon

Saturday 9:30 to 5:30

Sunday 9:30 to 3:30


*$75 deposit required for each class
       deposits are non-refundable 7 days before the class

 We as a people have been out of balance for many years.  Our World is calling for Peace, Harmony and Balance.  Mankind has lived life doing, using and building in the name of progress much of the time without regard for the Earth.  As a result we have created environmental toxins which are threatening the Earth.  We have also moved away from our innate connection with the natural cycles and rhythms of life creating personal toxins (emotional, physical and mental pains and illnesses) which feed our illusion of separateness from Spirit.

Together, we can dream a New dream for the world in which we live.


 Our souls are craving peace, stillness and connection and the Earth is calling for respect and harmony.  This powerfully transformative workshop encompasses our reconnecting with the elements of Nature, learning to transmute personal toxins and a deepening of our connection with the Divine.  Through this process of transforming our personal toxins, we mirror back to the Earth beauty, harmony, love and divinity, which in turn transforms the toxins in the World.  It is time to believe in Miracles once again!

By allowing our Divinity to Shine through, we Transform 
our Lives, our Relationships and the Earth.

     Please collect a sample of water from a source near your home in a glass jar.
Bring a dish to share for lunch, salad, water and tea provided.

   Donna Callaghan studied with Sandra Ingerman (photo) as well as completed her week long teacher training for "Medicine for the Earth" in August of 2002. Sandra’s book, "Medicine for the Earth" is available at most bookstoresRead an excerpt from the book. The book is recommended reading as well as a way to honor Sandra’s work and commitment. You can learn more by going to Sandra’s website.

"Who We Become, Changes the World"

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